de tuscan

de cpl mill

de russka

de contra

de fire

Is there a memory restriction on the server? If not I think the more maps available to vote from the better. The above are just a few classics from cs 1.6 and cs:source that I am sure some of the long time players would love to see. After all, this is about fun and not keeping rank by only playing maps you are good at.

tl:dr: More maps, more fun! Any thoughts?

4 months ago


  • poliwagSWAG
    poliwagSWAG #19191, 4 months ago

    i still cannot believe these maps aren't in the voting system already. i am so sick of dust2, nuke, and inferno EVERY.SINGLE.GAME. this community needs more maps to play.

  • TesseracT
    TesseracT #19194, 4 months ago

    contra and toscan are both already in, also mill was replaced by toscan.

  • speedyftw
    speedyftw #19252, 4 months ago

    Contra is no longer in the line up as of a couple days ago. It basically just has matchmaking maps + season + mirage_ce.

    Those maps are so stale. We need more options. And alt pug used to be the place to come for that.

  • Moose
    Moose #19253, 4 months ago


    Why'd they take contra off?!

    add RUSSKA! (and mill)

    MDNGHT #19254, 4 months ago

    How about rotating in a different community map every month so mapmakers can get more feedback. I know RZL' is always looking for feedback on bagra so he can make it a more competitively viable map for instance. It's much more pug friendly than crown is as well.

  • speedyftw
    speedyftw #19255, 4 months ago

    I agree. Add in the classics, then rotate in some new community map every couple of weeks. It would add so much fun to this game, which has really been way too constricted map-wise thus far (especially when compared to the map pools of 1.6 and source).

  • dustywabbit
    dustywabbit #19279, 4 months ago

    de_lite pl0x

  • Havokr505
    Havokr505 #19330, 4 months ago

    Bump! I Agree.

  • BeatoN
    BeatoN #19333, 4 months ago

    They could add de_overpass, but all other maps you guys mentioned are utter shit, they're outdated

  • speedyftw
    speedyftw #19336, 4 months ago

    How can a map be "outdated"? Some of those (tuscan, contra, russka) were used up until the very end of competitive source. They are great competitive maps, not shit. If this is your first counter-strike, take the time to learn the maps of the past, rather than just dismissing them as bad because you are not used to them.

  • BeatoN
    BeatoN #19337, 4 months ago

    Are you serious? Those maps aren't supposed to be playd on GO, it's same as using CRT monitor instead of brand new lcd/ips

    Those maps were good in old cs, now they suck, especially contra

  • T
    T #19338, 4 months ago

    You should explain how or why they suck.

  • Dr0Id
    Dr0Id #19339, 4 months ago


  • BeatoN
    BeatoN #19341, 4 months ago

    It's pretty easy to explain, they simply aren't meant to be playd on CS GO, how im supposed to know where to walbang and where i shouldn't? Those maps simply drag you away from GO maps and make experience frustrating, aswell most of those old maps has sky blocks everywhere, so your nades are useless

  • T
    T #19367, 4 months ago

    So what you're saying is you don't want to learn the maps, but your excuse for that is because they are old. Okay.

  • sef
    sef #19374, 4 months ago

    For years I've played contra and season and are some of the best maps I've ever played on. Yes it does feel weird on this game but isn't it supposed too? Lets be honest... It IS a different game and not everything transfers over smoothly but I will always play them regardless of the version of CS being played.

  • HowardDean
    HowardDean Site Admin #19381, 4 months ago

    Pagination has been added to the server plugin to allow as to add more maps to the rotation. We'll be re-adding mill and taking a vote on other maps to add so please leave suggestions in this thread of maps to vote on. (de_lite, de_cpl_fire, de_overpass, de_russka, ????)

  • Hordeau
  • Poonday
    Poonday #19409, 4 months ago

    de_lite when the GO version is ever released

  • Taxxon
    Taxxon #19438, 4 months ago

    I am definitely not good enough at the game to use altpug, but if these maps are released, I'll play it 100%.

    Cs_Warmblow by UN[R]EAL

    De_Vandal by Zastels

    De_Grio by G3NJO

    De_Blackgold by The Horse Strangler and some other dudes.

    De_SOUQ by cincinnati

    De_Iota by cincinnati also

    Pretty much every map designed for competitive that is on the first five pages of the top rated all time maps.

    Also all of the maps that Hordeau submitted are ones that I love. Especially Bagra, witch I have played a 5v5 on.

  • Hordeau
    Hordeau #19446, 4 months ago

    Thanks for the extra suggestions. I'm sure Altpug will give them a look when they have the time.

    So far my first impressions of the customs are:


    Bagra: Well balanced and good reviews from a few streamers and other playtesters. A+ Stamp of approval from me

    Crossfire: Needs to be playtested a bit, but small tweaks and this map could be one of the best looking comp maps out there.

    Pakistan: Looks like a flat well thought out map. Can't wait to see it.


    Coldwater: Looks like it will get frustrating for players very fast with all the tight chokes and weird angles and some bad clipping.

    Cistern: feels too maze-like.

    Arcade: So many what the fuck is going on here.

  • Taxxon
    Taxxon #19450, 4 months ago

    If I asked you to check out just two of them, look at DeSOUQ and DeGrio.

    De_SOUQ has a lot of skill based jumps that add to the several rotation routes.

    De_Grio has a lot of advanced strategy on both sides based off of controlling different important areas of the map. (CTs need to hold an area called Underpass, witch provides faster and safer rotates, as well as reducing the entry points to the bombsites. What I'm saying is that the sidedness of the map is fluid)

    Also, where do Castle, Reef, Marquis, Keystone, and Overgrown fall into your goods and bads?

  • Hordeau
    Hordeau #19460, 4 months ago

    Blackgold is destroying my framerate, there's a definite no already.

    Marquis: Looks good, but I think it will play terrible.

    Keystone and Overgrown seem ok with simple layout and routing but I have no idea how they'll play since it's difficult to determine collision points.

    Souq is a maze of awful shit, there is way too much going on. There's so many little corners that a CT can hide in and pick off T's without worry cause there's another 10 or more angles at the same spot. I wouldn't be surprised if a playtest finishes 15-0 ct side.

    Grio does not at all look up to csgo quality maps. Its well thought out and might play ok, but I'm sure the middle area will be chaos and probably determine the winners before either team reaches a bombsite.

    Castle: No idea, the darkness worries me a bit, but the layout is simple.

    Reef: It could be ok, but its a maybe with the water being a dominant role in routing towards B site... I can see the frustration already just dealing with it.

  • Taxxon
    Taxxon #19463, 4 months ago

    I thought you were another noob like me who never dislikes maps if they're complex and balanced.

    Also, what about Mist?

  • JuicyPubes
    JuicyPubes #19466, 4 months ago

    reef is too dark and crossfire is pretty fun

  • HowardDean
    HowardDean Site Admin #19469, 4 months ago

    Just played Bagra. Tons of fun.

  • Otoris
    Otoris #19470, 4 months ago

    YES BAGRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: Confirmed?

  • Taxxon
    Taxxon #19505, 4 months ago

    Ooh! and I forgot to include subtransit and meteora!

  • speedyftw
    speedyftw #19554, 4 months ago

    @HowardDean Great to see you guys are picking up some new maps. Just played a Toscan pug with a buddy and it was a blast!

  • Taxxon
    Taxxon #19612, 4 months ago

    And Spezia and Kabul

  • huntrix
    huntrix #19614, 4 months ago

    please use NON CE mirage.. and take out crown, add mill... and train

  • Taxxon
    Taxxon #20777, 4 months ago

    And print and gwalior.........

    MDNGHT #20778, 4 months ago

    You should definitely get Bagra on rotation. After the initial release I got a pub server whose DM servers I admin to add it and he was constantly joining to get advice from people. Also ten manned on it and sent him the POV demo to review and he watched through the whole thing. He definitely wants to make his map competitively viable and get it recognized for more serious competitive play.

  • Taxxon
    Taxxon #20799, 4 months ago

    I am really sad right now because I can't play on every community map ever

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